New PVP option idea, helps monetization and players


When people do a pvp battle you should add a bonus pvp round for more dino bucks or watching an ad where it matchmakes you with another player with similar matched surviving dinos. Double the rewards or make them better. Subsequent rounds after that require more dino bucks or ads. If somebodies surviving dinos make x amount of survival rounds they get an especially good prize.

This would open up another avenue for players to spend dino bucks, watch adds, and drive gameplay.


So Gyrosphere battle mode, but with your own creatures and PvP? Cool idea/concept. Would love to see that added one day.


PvP leagues!!. (Warcraft)
Epic vs. Epic players.
Legendary vs. Legendary.
Put a banned or huge negative states if legendary or high lvl goes against a weaker persons roster. It’s about balance, more fans well play and buy… But if u keep it with same format (trophies) then eventually it’s gonna hurt the game. Remember “Evolution” not stagnant