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New PVP Team Selection Suggestion

Just a thought on improving the PVP experience:

What if the 8 team slots were broken down to 2 Cunning, 2 Fierce, 2 Resilient, and 2 Wildcard slots. Players could fill out the slots with whatever Dino they wanted, but if used appropriately, the player could guarantee a balanced team for each battle. In example, a player could field the following teams over a 4-battle span:

Battle 1: C1 F2 R2 W1
Battle 2: C2 F2 R1 W2
Battle 3: C2 F1 R2 W2
Battle 4: C1 F1 R1 W1

…and so forth. Instead of 1 random draw between 8 dinos, it would change to 4 random draws between 2 dinos.

This approach would end the problem where players get stuck with a weak, unbalanced team. I have no idea how Ludia could fix the unfair matchmaking though. :joy:

i don’t like this cuz it would mean even less variety. to solve bad matchups there could be level and stat boost caps for each arena. say you have a level 25 dino with 25 boosts, and dropped to lockwood but the cap for lockwood was 22, your dino would do go down to level 22 and you could choose which boosts stayed on the creature. once you go back up it will be normal again. a level 20 creature would stay the same. they do this with raids


The problem with the current random draw is that you get left without counters in lots of matches despite picking 8 dinos that balance. I love the cap idea to avoid droppers but that could also have drawbacks bc the big spenders would get punished.

Cunning Resilients, Cunning Fierce, and Fierce Resilients would all make that a problem.


And the fact that a lot of classifications don’t really fit. Like could you use Spionyx in one of your “cunning” slots to avoid having to use an actual cunning?

Plus there’s so few wild cards that the same two or three would end up on everyone’s teams.


No. You could use whatever you want in any slot. It would just allow you to balance your teams IF you wanted to fill them out correctly.

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If you read closely, I said that it would be IF you chose to put them in the correct slots. You could actually put whatever you wanted but it would give you the chance to put 2 dinos in each draw how you wished to create balanced teams.

So what you’re really suggesting isn’t actually class-based at all, it’s dividing your team into 4 slots, of which one of two options is picked every time. Coincidentally those would often be filled by dinos of the same given class, but not always. You can have a spot for your starters, a spot for your revenge killers, a spot for swap in attackers, etc. The game doesn’t need to tell you what to put in each slot, it’s just up to the player. That’s actually quite an interesting suggestion, and I wouldn’t be against it if it was added. It still might limit team-building though. Since the two dinos occupying the same slot can never fight together in a battle, you’ll probably want them to fill a very similar niche, which could effectively reduce the number of team roles from up to eight down to just four.

You completely missed my point, so I’ll try my best to spell it out.

Trykosaurus and Ardentismaxima are Fierce Resilient creatures, so what exactly would the “correct slot” for them be? Drawing either of them guarantees you’re basically running either two Resilients or two Fierce creatures in every fight.

Or what about Magnapyritor, and Indoraptor, given that they’re Cunning Fierce creatures, what would the “correct slot” for them be? Drawing either of them guarantees you’re basically running either two Fierce or two Cunning creatures in every fight.

Or what about Quetzorion, a Cunning Resilient?

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Any player that runs at least four creatures that are either Fierce Resilient, Cunning Fierce, or Cunning Resilient is never really going to have a balanced team no matter what slot they choose to put them in, because there will always be at least either two Cunning’s, two Resilients, or two Fierce creatures in every draw.

It’s a nice idea, but it’s not going to be much different than what’s happening in PvP right now.

well if they’re big spenders, then they just have to go to their arena. it fixes the dropping and arena imbalance so the only difference now is that in order to get lets say irritator dna in a lower level, it will be harder because most dinos are equal, but if they want to use their full leveled dinos, they just keep grinding up and it will be normal again.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. You can organize how you want but you put two dinos in each of four draw slots knowing one of the two will get randomly selected.

I was only saying that you could fill the slots that way if you wanted.

Maybe this would make it easier. You get four slots (1,2,3,4) with each getting and A and B choice.

The game will randomly select A or B from each of those 4 slots to select your team for a PvP battle.


Battle 1: 1B 2A 3B 4B
Battle 2: 1A 2A 3A 4B
Battle 3: 1A 2B 3B 4A
Battle 4: 1B 2A 3A 4B

I was only suggesting you could use them to breakdown classes to balance your team. You can put whatever dinos in whatever slot, but it would allow players to avoid unbalance lineups if used correctly.

What about people like batman who use these crazy non meta fun teams with stuff like 30 dimorphodon he would keep losing as he is fighting other people using meta dinos with his unmeta dinos and they would be same level and same boost he would just keep losing and his dinos would be locked lower and lower

The campaign already does a decent job of telling players to use a balanced team, if they fail to after that and getting wiped out in Arenas then it’s really their fault for not adapting.

they could make an arena for people who dont want level caps but the trophies dont count, it will be there choice on how to spend the gold tho

I think the idea has potential, though I am still a bit worried about it limiting team composition.

Let’s say I want to put my Thor in one of my slots. I know that whatever I put in the corresponding slot will never have access to Thors large damage output when it’s on my team. So to remedy this, the best thing I can do is to make sure whatever dino I put in this slot play a similar role as Thor: maybe filling the slot with something like Allosinosaurus, Tenontorex, or Mortem Rex. That dino will never have to worry about their team lacking in damage, because they bring that to the table themselves. This way, we go from having eight unique slots to four paired slots. Consistency is strong, so dino pairs that play similar roles will become more valuable in the meta. Stuff like Ardentismaxima and Geminititan will become even more popular, because players can use them in corresponding slots, and know that their particular role will always be filled in a given game. But what about more unique dinos? Take Quetzorion, for example: there’s nothing quite like it in the game. I love using my Quetzorion, but at the same time I can’t think of anything to put in the corresponding slot: something that I would never want to run with my Quetzorion. Instead, I might drop it from my team entirely, in exchange for a paired set of dinos with more similar abilities for their consistency. So you end up picking four pairs of dinos that fill similar niches, instead of a team of eight dinos that could all work well together. This is what I mean when I say you’re kind of cutting the number of slots from eight down to four. Sure you could put completely different dinos in each slot, but how is that much different than the randomness we have now? The best players would still optimize the system for consistency, and that would inherently limit the meta.

So Ludia is going to make 2 arenas and to be competitive at all you need to have a team of just meta dinos?

i think thats a bad mentality because thats not right, you shouldnt be forced to play certain creatures. everything should be buffed, commons obiously worse than rares. some rares could be better than epics but everything shouldnt be nerfed to a point of non usability unless its a usable raid creature that makes it worse in pvp or there could be two personas where everything is useful in arena and useful in raids

I’m not arguing about balancing the game better. It’s just a fact that you’ll be at a disadvantage if you stack too many of one class and this will be the case no matter how well balanced the creatures are against each other.

So to stop people being forced to use meta dinos you are going to buff commons and rares and epics?