New pyroraptor, dimetrodon and quetzalcoatlus

With dominion quetzalcoatlus, dimetrodon and pyroraptor are design different from the current in game creatures so how should we get them

  • Moddel change like suchomimus
  • New gens

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how 'bout as skins? I honestly love their current designs


They’re different from the current in game moddel but yeah skins based on the movie versions would be nice too

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Velociraptor would have so many skins, lol.

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I agree with you since I prefer the current designs

Dimetrodon is already quite similar to the one appearing in Dominion

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We have 5 velociraptors so it could work

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Yep the head is a bit different but overall similar

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I honestly prefer the JWA Dimetrodon