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New Quest Type Bug with Quest Levels

I found a bug I believe to be introduced since the latest update, because before I could not produce that one. It goes like this (had that today): You start a quest like experience on level 1 just before it changes to coins. So you finish it and once you are back you are in the coins quest and seem to have completed level 1 there, although you started the XP one. Then about 4 hours later I started the coins quests, starting the last one (level 5) about 2 minutes before it ended. I was glad I made it because I needed the coins. But when I finished it it said I won a lot of fish. And it showed I finished the level 5 fish quest and with 3h58m remaining and I could not start any of the fish quests any more. Unfortunately I also needed the fish a lot and was quite frustrated.

Before the update I could start quests just before it changed to the new one and nothing like that happened.

This use to be a bug a long time ago, it was but I guess it may be back again


Hey Ismirworscht, our team is currently looking into this.

I’ll say that I had something similar before the updates took place. With scales.