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New quests


New questsstarted. I did one of each. I went to do 2nd of easier and it only loaded 1st, then game got stuck loading. Closed and re-opened and now they are gone

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The same for me.


Are we really surprised that there are bugs in new quests? :rofl:


Hey Vikings, they have been temporarily removed so our team can fix an issue.

Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to try and let everyone know. Thanks!


This is why I suggested to have a close beta they can test things for you before releasing into global version.


For me, the 1st quest of the difficult lot - Superior Scuffle - that glitched. I played once lost, my energy didn’t seem to lose the 3 points that were the price for the battle. I replayed, lost again, then lost the 3 points for the battle. So, essentially I played and lost the same quest twice but lost the energy for one of the battles.

I had experienced an energy glitch earlier too. Like, I had run out of energy but it appeared as if I had 5 (out of 44) energy.


I see the 2 newest quests but when I open them none of my dragons load to build a team. Why?


You have to set the team to the requirements of the quest. I believe they both start with one 3* and the rest you can choose whatever

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I was able to complete the quests somehow
The loading did take a longer time then usual
But just a warning, as the levels increase so does the amount of 3 star maximum dragons. At the final level you can only play it with a team of three star and below dragons. I’m not sure if it’s the same for the elite one. I was only able to complete the normal

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Won only 4 out of 5, on the “basic” one, you know, the one with the 3 star dragons max per slot.

You are absolutely right, the 3 star maximum slot increases in number as per level. And I assume the same thing works for the “premium” bunch, though it is with a 3 star minimum this time. But since the dragon power necessary was about 3300 for the first quest level, I couldn’t even hope to win one of those quest levels.

Anyways, those what I won gave me the trouble of almost getting my egg pocket full, and in fear of losing the eggs, and since I had coins to spare, I hatched them all. :upside_down_face:

Then I had too many dragons to know what to do with, with only 2 seats left in my dragons’ “residence”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost lost them after hatching after all.


Yeah, difference is one wanted maximum 3 stars, and the other minimum.