New raid boos idea

Hybrid from jwtg

First Boss not boos

Second FD makes no sense


3rd it’s called chromaspinus

4th if that’s the actual boss that’s really weak

5ft chromaspinus is made by paralux and spino g2

Last if that’s the actual creature when u get it that’s OP


Its meant to be countered by stun



Why giving only fierce moves, if it’s a wild card?

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Why??? I’ll make my own version that’s more balanced than whatever this is

  • I like it
  • It’s perfect
  • I don’t like it
  • I absolutely hate it
  • Buff
  • Nerf

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Vote said buff so I might change BLW to DR or DW

use this icon and make group healing rampage ( 2cd , cleanse and 1x healing first then 2x non-group attack )


How do you make custom icons and skill names

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Make a creature

Make a custom ability

When ur done submit it don’t choose an icon yet

Go to ur creature and click on the ability icon

Choose ur image

U can get new icons in the raid dex and the JWA toolbox discord

(I forgot to mention when u choose an icon go to the top there some old icons or removed ones u there)