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New raid boss

Apex.It must be Iguanodont, but with spikes on the back, tail and neck.Green lighting eyes and bioluminescence lines on left and right sides.Claws on the thumbs like Eniosaurus horns and dark grey.Beak like crossbill bird, but acute.That’s it

This new APEX will belong to the CERATOPSIDAE family, same as the TRICERATOPS and SINOCERATOPS, the shadow there in the letter is a little reminiscent of SINOCERATOPS



Well…That was my ideas.But we have raid boss Sinoceratops, isn’t it??

Well i dont think it it looks like a hadrosaur, I’m pretty sure its a ceratopsian

Its a remodelled Sinoceratops, probably gonna be a lot spikier than the epic one based on how mortem and lux look.

the shadow is just a sinoceratops with extra horns and spikes

But we have Mortem Rex and Rex raids, doesn’t really matter. The image looks very much Sinoceratopsesque.

Its name is simlar to a ceratopsian too. I personally like the fact that I can work on indom, indo and erlidom without spending indom dna on indo. I can also work on all 5 mammoth hybrids easily now cuz I dont have to spend any mammoth on the mammo family and can spend it on entelomth which is now going to be probably one of the top dinos like it was in 1.14. I could care less for the megalosuchus.

I think mortem is hard for me with mt 18-24 team while lux is easy and the ceratsopian might be easy too but the bad thing is that this ceratopsian is like their own tuoramoloch cuz it has group acceleration.