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New Raid Creature Ideas?

Here we can discuss new raid dinosaurs and what attacks, Immunity’s they would have etc. Be nice to other people on the thread

What if ludia had a dodocevia and compsocalous (Sorry if I spelt these wrong) they would both have three rounds since they are flock creatures and all flock creatures as of now only have 3 Dino’s.After every round they get weaker instead of staying the same and losing one of the flock members

considering we have 4 cunnings and 2 resilients, it really time we get a new fierce one.

not bad but as i said, please no more cunnings right now

my thoughts are that it should be a spino with a no-escape ability, something with high speed and a unique effective bleed move, as well as a definite rampage. perhaps a bleeding basic move again?
Or a baryonx type apex, with an improved rtc with 50% increased damage and NOW 50% increased crit chance, and also 10 percent speed boost with like a delay of 1 or cooldown of 3

Here’s compsacalus for round one

This is probably op but I just tripled it’s base health and attack for round one then for round two it’s health and attack would be doubled and for round three it would have it’s base stats

Here’s the boss for dodocevia it would work the same as compsocalus for the rounds

Here’s this, I made a mistake while doing this Precise rampage should be lethal wound

I could make the apex Bary later or tomorrow if you would like that