New raid ideas

I think a dilophaboa one would be cool

Now that we have 4 raids a day, idk how ludia will work this out because I feel like some people will have problems with em or something, but we’ll see.
Anywho, I would have loved for there to be a snek raid. Dilophoboa would be nice or even the spinoconstrictor, or possibly even some sort of apex one. Don’t know what it look like tho

I would want more raids if they took them off the map and put them in a separate tab, like how PvP and campaign is. The bosses should be hard to beat not hard to find

Or ones for Friday Saturday and sunday

I agree they should not be hard to find

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Now that there is a full schedule there should be a featured raid on Saturday and Sunday. Something like “Trex has escaped! We need your help to capture him and return him to his paddock! Are you and your friends up for the challenge?”. This would be the featured raid on a Saturday with a different one the next Saturday or Sunday.