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New raid

What about for jw Alive new creature titanaboa and tyranalophosaurus to make titanalophosaurus

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I think we have enough Raid bosses but as a new hybrid that could be interesting.


I know it came on me like a anvil to the head


What about replace the old one, for example stygy for mammolania or the turtle unique, gamma for Scorpious g2 or entelochops

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Nah, Gamma is a pretty good cunning epic, no need to replace it. If anything, the most replaceable one is the T-Rex.

Nah I need as much rex dna as I can get to upgrade my indom

If anything, get rid of Blue. It makes one terrible hybrid, and isn’t used much outside of that.l

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T rex I’d say is good to stay as it is used for quite a few hybrids(indom, indoraptor, erlidom, and tryko). I’m still guessing gamma will get a hybrid soon or later, and it is decent in the epic tourneys

This i can agree with however as blues hybrid isn’t amazing, no idea why they’d replace her with the mammoth that now has 3 hybrids


I know the reason why they keep blue and remove mammo, M O N E Y. Im sure universal and amblin studio paid them to make the seleb Dino raid.

Yeah that’s probably it, only way ill ever be fine with the blue raid is if it’s the carno scenario all over again. Some people had some “negative” feelings about ludis choosing carno but then it had a use when scorp was thrown into the mix, not saying blue needs a crudton of hybrids, just a decent one, which would include indo 2 being decent as well

It’s possibly leaked that Jefferson’s ground sloth is coming as a raid boss