New ranking needed for tournaments?

I think a new method of ranking in tournaments is needed.

It should not just depend on your wins, but also according to how many battles you played.

Eg. I played 50 tournament battles and won 30. Someone else played 40 battles and won 30.

This person should be ranked higher than me.

Thus tourneys should be wins over number of games played.


Do you mean sort of like a rating based on win to loss ratio? Or something else? Coz we would need to be a bit careful as to not punish those with less time, as someone who say works or attends college or school or something may get limited time to play, where as someone who doesn’t coukd battle all day.

Total wins over total number of battles.

Player A) 10 wins out of 20 battles = 50%
Player B) 10 wins out of 15 battles = 66%

Player B would be ranked higher cos of better win percentage.

Under current rules they are both given same number of points. And there is no real way to reward player B for having same wins but over less number of battles.

I am not in favour of how the tournaments are currently calculated where previous victories are discounted once you are on a losing streak.

The person who won 30/40 will already be above you, since he will have only 10 losses to reduce his score, and you will be reduced twice as much. Assuming 30/-30 points, he will end up with 600 and you, 300. So I don’t really see the point.

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Of course it does not mean 1 win over 1 battle = 100% meaning you win the tournament.

Still need to go by number of wins first.

I like this idea because more inclusive. I would have a chance and therefore would enter some.