New raptor strike tower!


Just opened this morning… love that ludia made these more frequent!


Yes. Even if the dna is moslty useless, it’s good to get some coins!


When you live on a strike tower :innocent:


is that one house or 4?

living on a supply drop is the best. got one now after the update.


Shhhh, go away you! :grimacing:


Stop trying to move in with me :joy:


Yes, same here. You can now catch every dino without having to care for darts. And the coins !


I got enough pyroraptor to level up pryitator from event


I’m liking my holiday cottage in Pembrokeshire coast path national park - green drop feast (bar those turned into strike events) - shame I’m only here 3 days :frowning: huge change for m home, which is rural middle of nowhere too, but not a park so no greens & long walk to nearest orange drop


I got 80 epic dna… from blue. Grrr


…Oh I got 18 blue :champagne:


Where im from… tenby


20 pyroraptor for me :sob:


Got like 50 pryo & 80 Blue. Didn’t realize I was lucky.


Angry chicken, Delta and blue … what a waste :-1:t4:


Near there Friday (Narberth)


I went home to tenby a few months back and every supply drop is green… couldn’t believe it haha


@carlsberglewis - yes I was very happy to find the Pembs National park is treated as a park in game, and the footpaths treated as a road and so get drops. I was expecting a holiday of walks and no drops and no JWA gaming, instead a bonanza of Dino’s I really needed (EU and nodo were much appreciated) - a real holiday treat as I live & work in areas that are very short on green drops