New raptors or raptor hybrids

Hi I am pretty good at drawing so give me your ideas for new raptors or raptor hybris. The game needs them and if you want to draw let me know here on this forum page.

An old idea of mine, Ankyloraptor. Velociraptor plus Ankylosaurus

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Lets see…
a new version of the classic spinoraptor
Echo + sigilmassasaurus

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K it’ll take me a little while cause I do virtual learning

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Weekends are the best time to expect

Raptor and Sarcorixis = Raptorixis.

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K ill be on them soon

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How soon is “soon”? :upside_down_face:



Delta+ Deltadromeus

Expect some this week cause I’ve got week off


Deltadromeus sounds like a cool idea, admittedly.

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Echo + Blue

Super raptor fusion of blue Pyroraptor and troodon

tany + pyro