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New Rarity idea (+ Mythic Hybrids)

This rarity is higher than Apex and I call it the Mythic Rarity the color of the card for Mythic creatures would be an Orange with a fire in the Background.
New Hybrid idea: Mortomagnus (Mortem Rex + Ceramagnus) this hybrid would look like Mortem Rex with Ceramagnus’ horn and frill and would a Spring Green color and spikes are Orange. Rarity: Mythic

Any rarity higher than Apex would likely be impossible to add, for 2 main reasons. One, a rarity higher than Apex would start at level 31, and the level cap is 30. Second, the base stats of a creature are the stats they have at lvl 26, and every creature needs base stats so they gain the right amount of stat increase per level. But any rarity higher than Apex can’t be lvl 26, meaning it wouldn’t have base stats, and it would be impossible to implement without those.


No just no


Also I agree with this. More powercreep is the last thing we need right now.

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Ok how about this for rarities higher than Apex the level cap for them is level 60 and they’ll have a new set of base stats only for the higher rarities which will be at Level 56 so it’s more balanced

Level 60 as the level cap would collapse the game. Not only would it cost insane amounts of coin, but it would force players to grind way more.


You just made it worse.


Don’t give Ludia any ideas.


You really think it’s a good idea to have a bunch of lvl 60 creatures running around each with upwards of 10k health and 8k attack without boosts?



So at the risk of piling on and because I was just curious: I quick plugged in how many coins it costs to go from level 4-5, 9-10, etc. up to 29-30. Then applied a trendline (best fit was Power series because well, the cost roughly doubles for each level)


So yeah, it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 million coins to go from 59-60 :rofl:

EDIT: ok, it’s actually worse. I plugged in the rest of the values (2-3,3-4, etc.) and it’s actually exponential. (It’s been a while, my apologies) In either case, the graph speaks for itself:


So yeah, leveling from 59 to 60 would cost well over a hundred million coins.


With that much amount of coins I can complete my dinodex, except the apex bosses. :sweat_smile:

No. (10 characters)


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They hid my comment :frowning: