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New Reason to Arena Drop for Alliance Missions

So the new tactic to help gain battle wins and incubators to help your alliance achieve a higher rank is to drop trophy levels at the end of the week. This way you can win faster for the first part of the next week.

From what I’ve seen, the battling side of the missions go slower so finding ways to speed things along like arena dropping to fight easier teams is a way to speed things up a bit.

We are going to hear complaints from mid to lower people of fighting teams of dinos several levels higher getting put into unfair matches. This is going to happen a lot at the beginning of the week but less at the end.

Maybe this will be a straw to get Ludia to change the matching system to pit people against other people base on the highest dino level on their teams. So if I put together a level 10 team at 3700 trophies, I will fight another team who’s highest team dino is level 10. This way all matches will be fair and we can play more of our dinos.