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New record for misses

New record in this rigged game

After an extremely bad starts full of misses, no procs etc

Triple miss attack with Naomlen (her previous 3 attacks each had at least 1 miss) who then got killed leaving only bard who did two misses in a row followed by a failed dominate

Chances have to be less than 1 in 3,000,000

And literally haven’t been able to land anything since, no dominate, no ability block

Today I had the wizard proc on the wand of lightning bolts and then proceeded to 1 all five shots. Was funny to see all the fireworks and then…nothing. Three days ago I went 2/12 on dominate in PvP. I promise you it’ll be ok. Million monkeys on a million typewriters and all that Jazz.

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You might have an air bubble in your die. Try the salt/sugar water float trick to test for fairness.

There is definitely more misses since once of the latest updates. There are more misses in pvp and challenge mode than normal.
I have noticed that the devs tweek the miss chance every now and then. Sometimes the chance goes up and at other times it goes down. But we are definitely in a high percentage miss period at this time.

You know that nayali got an item that makes people miss more same with jarlaxle

Yup but wasn’t against either of themg only seen Jarlaxie a couple of times

To Krom:
Good point. But I mostly play challenges and have been experiencing more misses there than usual.

But maybe I am just unlucky and my experience is purely anecdotal.