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New recruit


Looking for a new alliance to join as everybody has left my current one. From England, active everyday and I live in local 2.

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Hey mate send a request and I can add you.

Join House of Pounce!

If u want a active alliance, we hv 43 players, 5-4 in 3.1/2 days.
Only be active, play your battles especially daily incubator, and play with how the team play for mission.
If u interested, join us DracoHunter…
Once in, stay online for members advice with how the team play.

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ClawsUnitedJWA has now 5 open spots so cone join us. We’re an international alliance

Love to have jou

Grtz Petra

I would like to join your alliance . Leaving my current because too many inactive players & I get no help at all with team rushes . I play every day. daily battle incubators every day & friendly challenges . Please send invite ! RitaMarieex3 is my in game username .

Hi Rita, pls provide full ing name with your 4 digits behind, is required for me to invite u.
Also, can i have your game lvl pls.
So remember to get into the alliance forum to be guided by members there or myself to know how we play, is because of our team we get to 5-4 easily and have many days to relax.

Rita, don’t know why msg was flag even is as simple as ABC.
Pls gv me your full ing name including the 4 numbers behind.
Also i need your game lvl to be sure it is not too low.
When accepted, remember to be guided by team there on how we play ok…

Hi dr … if you are still looking for a Alliance I can help you with that… we have a very Active Alliance … we make Ranked 5 and 4 every week… so if you’re interested do let me know… but you must have discord …

Why Discord ??? So in Discord we have all our players in it and we chat we communicate and we asked for Dna Request before putting it so you will be sure that you’re Request will gone be full …

If you don’t mind you can send me a pic of you Trophies.???

So I will wait for your Answer…