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New Resilient Fierce Rex hybrid

I’d really like to see a hybrid between Rexy and the Lythronax so we could Have a feathered rex in the game, imagine how cool the hybrid would be also my idea is it’d probably look something like this


I like this idea.But…He wiil be more like a Trykosaurus in ability zone.The design like big Raptor or Deinonychus.That’s great!!


Yeah definitely like a tryko and if anyone wants to come up with stats and a moveset for it I’d love to see it!


Animation: Large Theropod
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Fierce/Resilient
Health: 4500
Attack: 1550
Speed: 103
Armor: 5%
Critical: 30%

Long Defense Strike
Fierce Impact
Fierce Rampage
Instant Invincibility

Medium Counter Attack

50% Resistance to Distraction
50% Resistance To Vunlenerable

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Oh that would be an awesome moveset thanks so much @SonicNTGD

Based on your image it should be…

Pyrex (Rex and Pyroraptor)
Spd 124
Atk 1500
Hp 4000

Cunning strike
High Pounce
Fierce Rampage

100 deceleration
50 distraction

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The image was just an example plus Lythronax has bright orange feathers on its arms but this also sounds like a great new hybrid also

I love the idea of a big fluffy rex but I’d also like to see yutyrannus in the game as well


same yutyrannus would be awesome to have in the game

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Resilient fierce

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I’ll agree because expansion and more options are always good. And that does look pretty cool. Why deny something others will love? As much as I love hybrids hopefully we can get Troodon and some Aquatics already.

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