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New (restructured) Alliance recruiting - Tryko Time

Some active members have decided to form a new alliance from our previous one which was full of inactives.
Lots of players have come and gone, but there are still some keen beans around!
If you feel like joining us, the alliance is called Tryko Time.

No rules, no discord, no minimum trophy count, no prohibited requests, just play and enjoy.

The founding members are 4000 to 5000 trophies so have plenty of DNA to spare.

Send me a request if you wish to join. New update drops tomorrow. Time for a new alliance too? With boost reset, we might be requesting different stuff. Or not. Boosted Rats for everyone!


I think i will join.

Cool. Do a search for the alliance and you’re in!

sorry I have been sick for a few days I will check out the alliance.