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New Riders After Update

I really like the new update adding in Heather, Dagur, and the others. I’ve been hoping they would be part of the game for a while as they are some of my favorite characters from the TV show. I think it would be cool if we were able to do something with them though. The rest of the riders have journeys for their dragons, so being able to send Skullcrusher and Cloudjumper on a journey would make sense. But we already a lot of journeys, so maybe they can be part of a future game mechanic or even send them each to search specifically for amber, runes, Odin Coins, etc.(similar to the legendary dragon search). Or maybe Heather and Dagur could open a Berserker Dragon training school.

Also, will these dragons be included in the Edge Pack now that they are on the island? Most haven’t been available in collections or searches for 2-3 years.


I would also like to see them have their own Costumes!


I’d also like to see Dagur, Heather, Valka and Eret in journeys or something like it.


I agree. I do however think they should add clans like they did in Titans Uprising. It would be a good way to meet new people and have a love for the franchise and share it. I think it would be a great new feature for the next update. I also think they should be able to view other people’s berk just like how you can view other peoples line-ups in Titans uprising.

I also hope that they’re adding these yourneys…