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New S-DNA: Erlikosaurus (Artist Concept)

This is an S-DNA that I hope will come out!

Erlikosaurus S-DNA

Would you like this S-DNA to come out?
  • Yes
  • Nop

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Would you like me to make a concept art with a Super hybrid with this S-DNA in 2-3 days?
  • Yes
  • Nop

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@SpinoSri Don’t you like my ideas?
Not good?

Although i would like erlidominus we won’t get him anytime soon. Every creature can only be fused with one creature by now so indominus won’t get a second hybrid until this gets changed. 2nd we probably won’t see any glass cannon s dna creatures soon untill every class has a s hybrid of the normal rarities

This one particularly no, there’s already plenty of S dna types, it doesn’t cycle fast enough already

Would be better if there are more S hybrids with existing s dna

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This rule that a dinosaur can only have a hybrid makes me nervous!
Dinosaurs can have more than one hybrid on JWA!

But without more S-DNA there are and more Super hybrids can be created!

I saw you don’t even like my idea of Edaphosaurus and Arambourgiania!

Yes but considering how expensive most dinosaurs are it’s the best of leaving them by one for now but this could change in the future

Edaphosaurus I like actually, accidentally clicked no

As for the Arambourgiana there’s nothing I particularly like about another legendary Ptera

I made Arambourgiania because it is used to make a new pterosaur hybrid that I will release in a few weeks when you want it! :wink: