New S-hybrids that I’d like to see

  1. Limnorhynchus

Since there is no common amphibious hybrid, this would be capable of the S-hybrid being moved to an amphibian.

  1. Metrialong

This is vastly inferior because the spinoraptor has slightly better stats, and the Carnoraptor is close enough to make this a moot choice when fusing. Plus now that the spinoraptor has its spinotasuchas, the Metrialong s-hybrid could be a more tanky carno.

  1. Tropeogopterus

This is a similar case to the metrialong but this time the tapejalosaurus has far better stats and thus this feels like a worthless hybrid that needs to be made better.

  1. Ostaposaurus

While I believe the Ostaposaurus is literally perfection, we need more alternatives to counter the super strong tourney-hybrid-carnos at a S-tier level. This would be the perfect opportunity to make a tanky amphib. I guess the Koolasaurus would be a decent second pick but I still prefer the former.

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Suchoripterus needs one as well imo. Atm it’s pretty much useless (at least how i see it)
Though i don’t know how future Legendary S-hybrids would work given that one of the two daily slots is always occupied by Raptor SDNA. We may need a third slot, otherwise i’ll take forever to gather enough SDNA


I’m still curious why they don’t sometimes switch out the velociraptor DNA and put in 2 different ones. So that it becomes equally a challenge to get that one as well?