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New sandbox mode for JWTG

Hey I know I made a topic for a new sandbox mode for JWA but why not JWTG their will be things to do in this mode

  1. Chose creatures for your team and the computers team and change the level even beyond 40

  2. Do stampede fights for you and CPU

  3. Do boss battles you can even be the boss and go against the CPU

  4. Create your own events

  5. Watch replays and you can save or delete the replays

I would really like to see this mode in the upcoming updates so would like to see it or not

Would you like to see this mode in the game
  • Yes I would like to see this mode in the game
  • No I don’t won’t to see this mode in the game

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You can ask me any questions or comments

Anyone there

I voted no purely for the fact that having this would be rife with bugs, although it is a good idea I could see alot of problems if it were implemented.

I really want them to increase the level cap for creatures however.


I don’t see why it has a lot of bugs also increase what level cap

that would be perfect, you would also have the possibility to buff your creature, like ake a pachy with 100000000 health and 10 attack and try to kill him before he does
Also you could rotate building and decoration, also you could choose your opponent and get whatever dinosaure you want

Creatures capped to 40 currently

Yes- but I’d want it to come after the roster becomes balanced at a mid and late game level.

Aka, we have more pressing issues.

Hmm it is possible for ludia to to allow us to use level 40+ creatures in gyrosphere draft battles, using level 500 superasaurus etc will definitely be fun, hopefully even without bugs.

Is this just obtainable boss battles? As already established, those are too long and boring.

Don’t see the point, it won’t be used, strategy in JWTG is pretty straightforward and repetitive, recording gameplay is only really meaningful in games like Age of Empires, where you can’t pay attention to everything at once and it’s helpful to observe and learn from your opponent later.

The replays are for fun not for strategy