New Sarcorixis vs Einiasuchus?

Was running einiasuchus before on my team but now leveling its hybrid now actually seems worth it. Thoughts?

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I think Sacorixix is now better, it’s faster, has huge turn 1 damage, has more armor and hp. The thing einiasuchus has better is the turn 2 damage and the ability to slow. I would go for sarco, but you could test both of them in friendlies to compare their performances :slight_smile:


I personally see Sarcorixis as a great Trap and Kill dino. I know people talk about its turn 1 damage but think this: Immobilize -> Greater Stunning Strike (Still pinned from Imblz and possibly stunned) -> Ferocious Impact for the kill (Still pinned from Imblz!!). Then Immobilize comes back for the next dino and you can swap in to your heat’s content or enjoy Ferocious boosted attacks and soften up the next target for your team. Also great if you have 2 kilsl and you’re wanting to confirm your third. This is of course not accounting Immunity and Distraction or Armor etc, but given a good amount of match-ups, Sarcorixis is a great “Trap and Kill” dino.