New Scent Capsule

Got it from a 6 hour incubator

1x Delta
1x Charlie
5x Stegosaurus
3x Apatosaurus


Nice! 6hr inc though?

Yeah, the free 6 hour one.

Ah, didnt realize that was its value. I dont have vip, so i think its a 3 for me.

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Just received a scent of claws scent from my free incubator. Not sure what it gives but it was a nice surprise.

Looks like Ludia is really in the Christmas spirit

He is refering to the 6 hour free one in the store page… vip has no affect on that incubator… its just level based dna and a chance at a scent… i got a large one from mine today.

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Gotcha, tyvm.

In my 6-hour incubator, today I received a “common long” aroma capsule. It is the first time that it happens to me.

The new capsule will be useful for me if I receive it especially for the stegosaurs. It is a pity that the “Owen’s pack” continues to have no use although this will change in the future.

Well the Owen pack raptors arnt bad. Some top tier ppl use them and you’ll see them with lv 30s. It’s just hard to get a lot of them and all the coins needed to get them to high levels. I think the fact that they have no hybrid is just unappealing to many ppl too

It’s one of the things I do not like about the game. Only hybrids make sense in high sand. I have not seen any epic or rare non-hybrids in a battle months ago. Regarding the common ones, from time to time I have seen an allo or a tany (and now the draco gen 2 that will surely be nerfed shortly).

Everyone (and me included) despise creatures that could be important as the Owen pack (including Blue). Brachiosaurus, secondotosaurus, Koolasuchus etc. Even the almighty T rex is only turned into fusion “ingredient”. On the one hand, they are less powerful than hybrids and, on the other, they are more difficult to obtain. It is easier to have a Stegodeus or a Tragodistis of 25 (both legendary) than to have a Koolasuchus or a Brachiosaurus of 21.