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New Schedule Questions


So I noticed that today no dinosaurs spawned, and I’m guessing that Wednesdays are gonna be dinosaur-less days. So is the new schedule then going to be two days of rares, a break, one day of commons, a break, and then two days of epics?

Just my thought about this if that’s the case: so long as the amount of green points increases, (for example having 75%+ of orange ones becoming green for common) I feel as though this may not be as bad as I had originally anticipated. It seemed to me as though the amount of rare green spots had increased.


but if 75% of oranges become greens, it’ll be super hard to cap on the oranges.


I’m afraid I don’t really understand… What do you mean by cap on the oranges? I only rarely see dinosaurs spawn at orange points, and they’re generally rather useless common ones.


Coins and cash caps on the oranges.

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Ah. I guess so. I didn’t realize there was a separator on the green and orange caps. That being said, I personally don’t know how many people actively try to cap on the oranges. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I personally would trade the ease of capping on oranges for getting significantly more common DNA that I may need.

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No, I don’t cap. Never have.


Is there a dart cap? Or am I going crazy… ?