New season reward Ideas

We are just talking about what season reward we should have next. We all get our opinions. And hopefully Lucia sees this

Honestly for me I think Th should do Quetzalcoatlus because I never find it out in the wild and I am really in need of it for pteraquetzal and quetzoriob


Sorry I meant quetzorion. Lydia please consider this as an idea. If you can at least put it up for a dinosaur that comes up more often. Like for the weekly calendar or alliance missions.

Yeah, would be nice if ludia got to see the communities opinion on what next seasons rewards should be. Should be something good in my opinion as a little xmas gift, maybe an exclusive epic creature. Maybe not a rare, although I understand ur point that you may never see that creature, but you could always use sanctuary’s or encounter it withing diff zones or use scents and such. And besides, we had the nasuto season, and currently the arctops season, and I just don’t want there to be another rare creature season during xmas. Just my opinion on it

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Quetz or diplo would be realy nice both there uniqes had championships, but they’ve been in events very few times.

Why do I have a feeling the next month we’re going to get deer for either seasonal reward or daily reward. Cause Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer

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i would want tenatorex personally, something that isn’t going to be in championship

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Acrocanthosaurus please. :smiley:


Game-press confirmed it will be antarticovenator. (Sorry for the terrible spelling)

Yeah for the championship, we still don’t knwo the pcp reward and creature of the month

I’m really hoping the rewards will be some of the new 2.3 creatures. Or acrocanthosaurus.

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If it were arocanthosaurus then it would be nice for arocanthops. Honestly if I got to aviary and it was quetz season then I would get so much quetz and I would be so happy! Because I can get so much qteraquetzal for quetz Orion. I would also be happy for

Erlikosaurus for erlidomonus

Ludia should put a poll every month so the fan base feels involved

I want Lord Lythronax during the anniversary event (although I know it will never happen as it would ruin the game completely)

I want tenontosaurus because tenontorex is arguably one of the best creatures in the game. Amazing raid utility, amazing damage, versatile movset, many ways to boost…

You’re being bleed out? Heal. Against a cunning? Slow. Against a fierce? Distract. Against a resilient? DSR

Couple that with really good stats and you’ve got a destructive beast. 2 of its components are no problem for me at this point, but tenontosaurs is. It’s more requested and wanted than irritator

Nah, maybe as a joke it appears on the map, but then your darts can’t hit it because it has such floof that it’s impossible to dart it