New Seasonal Person :o

So today, I was just swiping along and seeing if the characters I wanna talk to are available yet because of a notification, and then, just then I actually find someone new. He (very obviously) gives off Christmas vibes like the witch gave Halloween vibes, but idk if I should swipe right… his face looks secretly evil and I don’t want my soul to get taken by his elf on a shelf


Quick update: I gave in and swiped right on him, but it seems he doesn’t wanna chat yet… le sigh

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Hazel was technically a ghost, jus’ sayin’… :wink:

I gotta say, Xmas jumpers don’t do for me, like ever! But now you mention the possibility of being being taken by his elf on a shelf I’m suddenly intrigued.

I hope it’s a vengeful and murderous Xmas horror elf, that would be cool :laughing:.


We think he’s innocent elf then it turns out he’s Krampus wanting our soul using the dude as a decoy :rofl: …oh no, if he’s a Christmas horror then I’m doomed lol


Hahaha a krampus lovelink would be amazeballs!


I’d rather think he’s a young Santa. Think of his name: Nick. Think St. Nicholas is closely related to Santa


Y’know, that actually reminded me of the movie Arthur, with Santa having 2 adult kids… at least I think the title is Arthur, I haven’t watched strictly Christmas movies in years :sweat_smile:

NGL he looks intriguing but tbh I rather the great people at Lovelink create holiday scenarios with some of the people who are still on break… but perhaps, that’s just me. :slight_smile:


I 100% agree on that.