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New shifting timer on paid for dragon Rider runes

I’m not pleased with the new statue thing that restarts a 24 hour timer for runes I have already paid for daily by subscription. If I don’t get them by the end of the day that’s on me. But if I get there by late in the day I can get them and the day starts over. This function is fine for opportunities or events, but this is a paid subscription. Not acceptable. Creates lost runes that have already been paid for, especiallyif you have been working/ playing for years to have a high daily amount… Please address this.

When I collect runes from the statue, it resets to a 22h timer before I can collect runes again. This was exactly how they worked before the statue. I don’t understand what you are seeing that is different?

It used to be a countdown to midnight. And would restart daily. Now it doesn’t start counting until you claim them.

It needs to be stockable or automatically collected.

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As these runes are given as part of a paid subscription then they really should be alloted to your account each day instead of having to claim them.