New sign in a pain

This constant new need to re-sign in on apple devices is quite annoying, it constantly interrupts the game play by forcing me to resign in if I switch quickly to hang up or answer the phone: instead of allowing me to switch back and continue playing while it refreshes and then puts you right back we’re you left off, except now I have to wait to be signed back in and then the game stalls and I have to completely close the app and resign in, it’s becoming a constant need to sign in any time the game is glitchy and skips or you slide between two windows (game and discord) for example constantly have to wait for the sign in facial recognition that the app now forces apple users to do.

Also when doing those randomized auto join boss fights the sign in kicks you and makes you resign in and try auto boss fight again because like I said idk what happens but a glitch and I get kicked then I have to resign in.

Now loading takes a long time.

Please get rid of that feature that needs constant signing in before playing. It’s quite annoying and majorly close to making me not even want to bother playing.

Hey @Lilmsjennie, the excessive log in sounds terrible. If you haven’t already would you be willing to email our team at with your support key, so we can look into this issue for you?


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