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New skills with Indo g1, Smilonemys and Constrictor | Fanmade

Indo G1: Now

Indo G1: Fanmade

Smilonemys: Fanmade

Smilonemys: Now

Constrictor: Now

Constrictor: Fanmade

In my opinion none of these are broken, but do you think the same? :grinning:

•Note: for these creatures to have different abilities, their components have been modified


How did you create those fanmade move-lists?

I hate the smilonemys and Spinoconstrictor. The Indoraptor is fine except cautious Strike. That move needs to go, no exception.

But resilient strike is a thing. Too much of a thing.

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With “pics art” :grin: the app in the play store

These creatures are more broken than matchmaking.


Smilonemys for sure, but not the other two with their stats.

It happens that both indo and constrictor have very mediocre abilities, since on the constrictor side you could have an enhanced rampage, you could get “nullifying rampage” on the dilophoboa side or “fierce rampage” on the spino side and on the side. Of Indo G1 I don’t see the bad side of it having 2 occasional rampages (I could take away the "cautious hit and replace it with cunning hit) but lately I see several creatures with occasional double rampages so I thought something similar in indo g1 would be a return to the arena

Eh, spinocontrictor. Might be a little op but not a huge threat. You want to boost it max attack with some speed and health. It’s kind of scary that you can wreck two creatures on the on escape rampage and wounding counter. It should be fine tho.

But maxima with health, damage and two rampages :confused:

I think If maxima raplaced defence shattering rampage with defence shttering impact. That would make a difference imo

They’re just too much (except for Spinoconstrictor, but it definitely does not need Fierce Rampage. That makes no sense, and I’m sure all Spinoconstrictor users would prefer Exploit Wound and Precise Rampage back).

You can’t just throw cool moves together and hope that the end product is cohesive and balanced. Every move, stat and resistance needs to be there for a reason, to counter a specific creature. Otherwise you just end up with a mess, like Ludia often does.


spino has fierce impact and now lethal wound. It got buffed a ton.

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Where does Constrictor get Fierce Rampage? And Smilonemys isn’t needing Rending Takedown

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No, APR instead