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New skin and customized names? Dino stats?

Do we need our new dino to have a new look and their own name displayed in their entrance of each battle? Maybe a new feature which allows you to check specific boost status on other players’ deck of 8 will be neat?
Which of these features everyone would like to have?

A. New skins
B. Customized dino names
C. Public boosts stats

  • None
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • A+B
  • A+C
  • B+C
  • All

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No, Thank you.

I’d really like if my nicknames for dinosaurs could be displayed every time I use them.

New skins yes. No on the custom names because I would not want to fight a Thor named Fluffy

what about a rat named cutie? :joy::rofl:

The stuff of nightmares :joy::joy:

random player you fight against: you want to see my fluffy and cutie?
you: sure
random person: * shows their super mega hyper over boosted thordor and equally boosted rat *
you: 734


Good for Customisation on skins = okay.
Names? u can expect all kind of dirty nicks from me. So 50/50
Boosts reveal? NO. I believe it’s not fair for people that have something up their sleeves and it’s basically who reveal first, the one in same rank can overpower that easily.
A B = ok
C Definitely No, brother. @TeaRekz

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I like a certain type of the boost reveal. For example, I’d like to be able to see boosts when viewing a players profile, but there should not be a boost reveal right before or during a battle

No, not any kind of Boosts reveal. It should be only seen when the Dino is in the Arena. I will say hide the levels too. Every Stats should be only seen when the Dino is in the Arena.

@Kingdreadnaught Bro that was part of the goal!:laughing:
Joke aside, filter and a flagging system which matches that of the forum should be capable of preventing profanities. There will be grey areas, and I believe people will manage to find the yin yang in that if given experimental time.

As far as viewable stats, I know it’s very controversial. I too am not sure it’s the best idea. However, there could still be a few people who want to be seen. I suggest it can be optional, people can choose to show their stats to public or choose not, in their “settings”. But by turning off public boost stats, they forfeit the right to check others as well. So to prevent the outcome and benefit from getting lopsided.


Its not like everyone is searching up all potential opponent’s dino levels and boosts beforehand anyways. It’s just so we can brag to our alliances and friends when we beat someone 4-5 levels higher and 10 tiers more boosted. And we do that by showing their profiles.


You can see all those stats when battling. So…

What’s the point of seeing the amount someone has dedicated into boosts? No way they will show you the full enemy roster before a fight, want to feel bad they spent more money on the game then you? You will have to deal with whatever boosts they have either way

Not really the purpose of it. It’s just the way to get ideas of what and how to boost with combined thoughts. Or better yet, you carry out your best strategy against your equal rank opponents with your knowledge to their boosts status, as well as they know yours. Remember it can be optional. And if you refuse to give, you also won’t be able to take.

I want to see stats for my own dinos, like how many takedowns my Utahsino has accomplished.

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New skins sounds good , this way we can have personalized dinos, I wound mind if I have to spend some green bills in them .

Yes to all.

And an option to see/not see creature nicknames in battle for the people who don’t want to see them.

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Custom names to game would be hilarious.

I nickname my Thyla “Silly Lion” so imagine it rolling into the arena with name tag Thylacotator aka “Silly Lion” :joy::joy::joy::joy: