New skins

Has anyone see. The new skins if so what are your thoughts on them


Dislike IndoT. Looks like a goofy great white with legs.

The rest look pretty good


Has anyone seen the thylacotator one yet? :rofl: looks like a mole rat!

Thylacotator never got a skin

Personally the only good skins right now are citadel for giganyx and conquest for thoradalosaur, other than that I don’t like any of the current skins over there original versions

I don’t like any of them. All I was hoping for was the JP3 Raptor but it’s unlikely they give a Common a skin as it’s probably unprofitable.


Wait we have 3 new unique skins and 2 legendary that is, perhaps they will give us another free unique

I like the the alloraptor, tarbognathus and allodrigues skin. Not a big fan of the Indotaurus skin but it looks ok. I don’t like the comosoraptor skin. It’s default looks better than the skin

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I wouldn’t know about indot

Wroth is actually pretty good it’s matches the vibe of alloraptora lot.

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Can someone show me what the indot skin looks like?

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That’s the joke

It’s not the worst thing every. It’s not the best but it’s still decent

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I like mortem, Tarbo, Thor, and Citadel

I hope he gets one tho, as he is on my team and could use a different look

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