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New Snake Hybrid

I really wish this was in the game
I really would like a Snake hybrid with a crocodile, having the crocodile head and only the front arms of the croc :))
Dont need to do much with them but just add them as it would look really “unique”
Could be a spinoconstrictor that will be focused on defence shattering instead of bleeding.


I’d love to see more crocodiles/alligators and snakes added into the game in the future. I decided to attempt at creating a moveset for Deinosuchus, as well as a hybrid fused from it and Dilophoboa. I’ll call this hybrid Deinoboa, and its class would probably be Cunning-Fierce.


Rarity: Epic

HP: 4350
DMG: 1200
SPD: 115
CRIT: 5%
AMR: 20%

  • Fierce Strike
  • Ferocious Strike
  • Defense Shattering Impact

No Escape


Rarity: Unique

HP: 4000
DMG: 1100
SPD: 124
CRIT: 10%
AMR: 25%

Fierce Strike
Ferocious Strike
Fierce Impact
Nullifying Impact

On Escape Dust Cloud

100% Resistance to: Crit Reduction, Swap Prevention, Taunt and Speed Decrease
75% Resistance to: Stun