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New spawnmechanic for 1.6?


Will they change spawnmechanic with the Update today?

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We‘ll see.

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Apparently a slight migration is going to happen


Pocemon said this new migration it was the worst of all. The only thing we really asked to ludia and didn’t get

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Is that even possible? I though we’d already sank to the bottom with 1.5…


Yeah, they obviously still can sink deeper.

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The spawns are bound to get worse if you compare with previous patches.
What you have to see is that the number of dinos available at any given point only increases with every patch. The individual spawns of ‘useful’ dinos will go down (even though the number of ‘useful’ dinos increase.)
If Ludia increases those spawns then lower tier arenas will have the same old dinos that are in highest tiers. That is no fun.
Frankly, the featured dinos provide enough impetus to progress (albeit slowly).
Personally, even I feel bad with low epic spawn rates but you have to look from other point of view as well. This game isn’t designed like NFS MW which can be finished in specified number of hours. It’s supposed to be a long haul game.

Having said that, what bugs me is not the spawn percentage distribution of dinos as much as the spawns per unit real-world area. If Ludia can increase that then the other number will fall in place, I believe.


only the number of spawns per species goes down, in total it doesnt have to decrease.


Exactly, the number of these useful spawns overall should not go down, only the number of a specific useful spawn, since more spawns means the spawns will be diluted…


Park spawns should deleat


Started game and everything full of einia still lol


Guys, I’m local 2 and a freaking Spino 2 appeared when I was running a scent capsule… let’s hope they didn’t shuffle it and my darling Ourano stays where he belongs :smile:


Still got 5 diplos on my screen. Guess I’ll have to wait before I can see the change to my area…


My map is still flooded out with suchomimus and nothing else

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In L4 here. Still seeing Suchomimus and Parasaurolophus. Did a large scent capsul and a ton of Tarborsaurus came in. Hard to tell if from feature dino or if it’s a local or global now. I do see an anky gen 2 outside and some apatasuarus which I dont typically see at my house. Really hoping there has been some actual changes :frowning:


Don’t worry, I still caught a SpinoG2 in L3, you were probably just really really lucky.

Really not seeing any changes of note - I also saw a few anky g2 out of place earlier, maybe they moved from parks to global? Otherwise…


I saw Dimetrodon (rare) in L3 - never before seen in that spot


Anybody seen skola maia or the new flier?


Pachy is exclusive if it hasnt been noted


Same. Got a Dimetrodon from scent in L3.