New spawnmechanic

What do you guys really think about it?

I don’t know,i believe that there are more spawn spots but no variety at all.

Right now with the winter on our doorstep,we should have more spawn spots,cause we cant hunt during bad weather.

Like a desert now… It’s terrible

Ya, what does the new hybrid good when you don’t get dns coz nothing good spawns…

Now majung spawns at day!

Hey Can someone tell me if there are any new dinosaurs (not hybrids)?

Seems vast majority of spawns are
Z1. Majangasarus ingredients.
Z2. Einiasuchus ingredients.
Z3. Diplator ingredients.
Z4. Sucurator ingredients.

Like 70% maybe 80% of spawning for dino’s most people don’t care about.

I find it annoying. Just used my 2 free common scents. 3 Einiosarus. So I did it again 3 Einiosarus.

I think the plan is fine but needs to be far far less of the overall spawning.


Certain dinos are spawning way to often… yeah theres still good stuff out there… i believe nest spawns were buffed a bit.

Loading the game up amd seeing the same thing all day is pretty bad.

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I’m a fairly casual player, so prior to the update, I felt like I was getting pretty decent spawns fairly consistently. For example, I saw 3 T-Rex in a 10 day period, as well as a free-roaming (not under event drop) Sinoceratops and Ankylosaurus during the featured tank week. Not to mention the “standard” Rares I need for leveling up my strike team.

That being said, I’m really digging all the Einiosaurus and Nundasuchus near my home. I saw no fewer than 3 Rare T-Rex while I was out this morning, which is gonna make obtaining Tyrannolophosaur sooo much easier…so in summary, I’m not too bothered by the change in spawn mechanics. Seems that for the time being, spawns are occurring at a higher rate than they were before the update.

I can definitely understand why there’s a fair few who aren’t pleased with seeing so many Commons…but you never know what Ludia might do next. Best to stock up, unless you’ve hit your limit.

You can always search MetaHub for articles regarding the newly introduced dinosaurs…but the new non-hybrids are as follows:

-Dimorphodon (Common)
-Miragaia (Common)
-Diplodocus (Epic)
-Darwinopterus (Epic)

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