New Spawns kinda suck


From what I am seeing…i used to see T.rex and a lot of other epic and rare dinosaurs from ouranosaur to nodopadosaurs, now i see non of that, the last epic is saw was at the even drop. Ever since this migration update I have only seen Delta once and Charlie once, and an occasional Dracorex, not one epic. To note I go all over Colorado from Denver to Ft.collins, and see nothing, before the update, I got like 6 daily Epics, now i see nothing.


Loving the new spawns, hunted majority of the day yesterday and this was my hunting log.

caught (10AM-5PM)

2x pyroraptor //local
2x ouranosaurus //park; local
1x rajasaurus // out in the country
1x concavenator // out in the country
1x koolasuchus // local
2x dracorex //park; gas station
5x triceratops //park; local
2x spinosaurus // local; store
2x kaprosuchus // local; park
2x wuerhosaurus // local
3x dracorex gen 2 // local; park
2x amargasaurus // park
3x gorgosaurus // park; local

1x nodopatosaurus
1x argentinosaurus
1x concavenator
1x ouranosaurus
1x spinosaur gen 2
1x dracorex
1x wuerosaurus
1x tentontosaurus
1x kaprosuchus
2x dilophosaurus
1x koolasuchus
1x charlie

First time I’ve seen wild concavenators, and the second time I’ve seen a wild rajasaurus. Been noticing lately lots of pyroraptors spawning, seen three within three days.