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New Spinocon Users & Wins

So with the new update, I finally got a buff, I am finally viable, one thing I’ll thank you for ludia. Now with the update appearing to be out, I’m curious how many of you have joined with the spinocon army, and have screenshots of your own spinocon destroying others. Unable to use my own, I need to see this please :sweat_smile:
So feel free to post screenshots of this


Evasive Wound has a delay.


I’ve immediately put spinocon inti my team


I have joined the gang a few days ago but my game is stuck at 1 :frowning:

mine is doing well, but evasive wounding strike has a delay lol

this is how it got with the buff, it got really better

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Here is the problem.


@Ned can you please check what’s going on with evasive wounding strike please :sweat_smile:


Warning!! croc vs snake not good idea my grypo only has 2 health boostes
Not me taking fun out of it just warning snake users :call_me_hand:

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it depends on luck and how you play it, cause i have defeated a lot of those with constrictor lol


I won’t use my SpineCone Pinecone until Ludia figures out Evasive Wounding Strike delay, but have this

Oh, and I’ve always been part of le Spinecon army :grin: Just gotta stack up those boosts again


Hey @JDino, checking with our team! :slight_smile:


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Well, that’s interesting
Really hope this is just a mistake, further hoping the notes just forgot to mention it

Agreed, I was usually able to take them out in a few turns, that is before evasive wounding strike though…

Glad to know you’ve been part of the snek army lol and the boost thing does sound like a good idea, and I love the name, rings, and little crown you gave yours

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Thats one tanky snek, what will you be putting the rest of the boosts on? If you decide to do so?

I’m probably going to invest the rest in attack. That way it’ll be a very good revenge killer.

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I used my spinocone before the update he lost a lot but now I can massacre non DOT immune creatures with him by stalling with instant distraction then using evasive wounding strike to just make them bleed out and take close to no damage at all

Why is Evasive wounding strike delayed by one turn? when this new move was introduced there was no mention of a 1 delay
Is not 100% dodge chance :tired_face: please!


Delay there was no mention, but I dont think it’s 100% chance to dodge though…

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