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New stat boosts system

Due to all the mess we are encountering at the moment, I’d suggest a whole new system design that I believe would solve many problems we are and about to encounter.

  • Each dino can hold up to 10 tokens to be placed in one of these 3 stats. Dmg, Health and Speed.

  • One Slot required 1 Token to upgrade the desire stat. 1 Token for 1 Empty slot.

  • There will be Total 30 Empty slots which are 10 Health slots, 10 Dmg slots, 10 Speed slots.

  • As the limit amount a single dino can hold up to 10 Tokens only, a player has to BALANCE those 10 Tokens into each stats wisely.

***For Example, If you gained 10 Tokens for a T.rex. You Either put all 10 tokens into its speed so it has 200% speed (Based on the same calculation on the current boost system then). But your DMG and Health remain the same as your current Dino’s level.

You maybe face an opponent in the arena with the same level T.rex but he/she up their T.rex Dmg for 5 slot, Health for 2 Slots, and 3 for speed.

The Different Outcome is right here. The faster speed Trex take a first bite but the slow one may survive and bite back with a much heavier first move. and so on.***

This will create variety and creativity in each dino a player would like to use. This will be no fixture stats and everything will become unpredictable and I believe the game will be much more FUN as we will never know what’s coming even with the same dino, same level.

For Gaining Tokens,

  • Merge all the dmg, health, speed boosts into single Type TOKEN, *make it a shiny JWA ball or a fossil symbol.

  • You can purchase the token in store with limit amount per day just like the daily boost on sales within 24 hrs.

  • It will take times for a player to get 10 tokens for all dinos and Ludia can give special offer to purchase a token directly within the slot page up to 3 tokens on each (Protecting the extreme pay to win players)

I believe this system will solve all the problems we are facing and will bring way more fun and excitement to the arena.

PS ALL SLOTS and Tokens are modifiable. You can swap your stat of choices before entering the battle anytime. Basically you put 10 rings on dino hands (if they have 10 fingers lol) and they can swap which one on whichever finger before the fight.

Any suggestions anyone?


At this point I think you spent more time thinking out your system the. Ludia did with theirs… they should drop the current system for. System like yours. Its really what I thought boosts would be like when I heard about them.

With crit and armor in the future your system would work great… add 5 more slots that.can be used for 2% crit per slot… or 5 armor per slot…


This is what I also envisioned myself a system with extra boosts and points should look like. What they did was basically add one more stream for taking money from players.

With this system top players will be fighting the same fights in no more than a month and the rest in probably in a few more after that, except the dinos will be “lvl38” not 30. Stats will again be equal and everything will be the same, less some potential minor meta changes depending on the stats distribution at this level (base stats vs increment size could tilt the scales in some close matchups)

There indeed needs to be some limitation to allow for diversity. The whole point of the stats IMO is to add this pinch of salt, that would get us out of stupid mirror matchups all the time.


Your suggestion is very interesting. I don’t know about the details, but the system absolutely needs to be changed! The keyword here is prioritazion. There should be an alernative cost by boosting one of the three stats.

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I’ve got a suggestion .
Reset everyone to exactly where they were pre 1.7 .
Sack the devs who came up with idea of stat boosts , and put them in a place where the sun will never shine .
And let’s get back to enjoying the game again .


This same thought has been on my mind since the launch of 1.7. The system wouldve been amazing if you could only upgrade a dino 10 total times. It would allow a tremendous variety of creatures to become viable.

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At first glance, I love this idea/system.

I’m not sure though, if there is any “going back” possible as loads of people already spent loads of cash. Which probably is the main driving aspect behind the whole boost system anyway.

If there is, I would strongly support your idea/the thinking about it.

It would be crucial, to bring that quickly to the right peoples attention. The more time passes, the harder it gets to revert/alternate the actual system.


I would think it is a bit late to reverse all of 1.7 at this point. Nice thought though.

The revenue has been brought in, users have purchased and used a week of boosts, Dino have been darted, fused and leveled.

We have lift off, Houston.

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Sometimes to save the rest, you have to step back. Well, if only Ludia would want to lol Just compensate the entire things lets say 5,000 HC and come to my system I suggested.

10 boost per DINO and not per stat is the exact same way that i desired this system to be implemented in game at the beginning. This could allow players to customize their PERSONAL dinos and shake up the meta in a bigger way that the stat boost system is doing right now. Because there would be many different dinos even of the same species.
So, speaking from the gamer side, i think that a solution like this could bring only benefits to the game in terms of “depth”.
From a developer and commercial point of view this system would probably lead to a lower profit, but that’s another story. I presonally would let stat boost be achievable by dna and not hard cash: something like dust in pogo, the more you grind, the more you can boost your dino.
For example: 50 dna for the first level, 75/100 for the second, and so on.
I hope that Ludia will consider to change the actual system and bring in game something simpler and with not this impact like what we have now


Don’t forget a full refund to all that bought the boosts


I think just giving them full refund and reset to their default stats then all good.
Ludia have to start thinking about this and make quick decision. The later the more difficult to implement the change.


This suggested system is how i envisioned them to implement it first place, but i think it should be limited to only damage and health. Speed values is what makes this game balanced to some extent. If you start making chompers potentially faster than speed dinos and etc - it creates a lot of unbalanced combinations and not a good idea. Level 27 utarinex should be weaker than lvl 30 utarinex because there was more time invested in the 2nd one. If you start adding speed into the equation, then there is still a lot of risk.

Also these daily purchases should go away. Apex predators’ members already had enough advantage with their willingess to invest thousands of dollars on this game to get magna or erlikospyx to its max level. Now with these daily purchases the difference between pay to win players and those who just grind dna grows even further. I personally was able to hang in top 15 without arena specific dinos before this patch, i would battle those top players and possibly lose more often than win to some of you, but it was ok since i still felt that with predicting my opponents’ moves and some luck i could still win. But if you guys get all your dinos to tier 10 within 3 months while the rest of the community does it in 2 years, then its not really fair, dont you think? Making these purchases weekly instead of daily should be enough to give you guys a slight edge, but still give the rest of us hope to hang around.


Speed is what breaks this system. I knew this would be an issue. RN the arena is a hot mess. Boosted Thors with tier 5 speed and damage will take out a whole team. This whole boost system is a total waste as it sits now. Players are getting discouraged. There is no meta defining or important dino or game play/plan anymore. Just boost whichever dino puts out the most damage. And press the button ftw


Make the boost a price by winning a global tournament.

Just like his competition with common/rare/Epic.

A tournament for everyone and more prices.

And not boost in % speed.
Make it + 1 for speed.
Maby 50 for damage.
And 75 for health.
Huge impact anyway!


Yeah they’re about to lose a lot of people if they don’t implement something like this. The sale of speed boosts especially is absolutely breaking things as those who are F2P or F2P with VIP only are finding their dinos completely outmatched. It went from favoring those who spent time accumulating dna and coins to whoever wants to drop the most real money. The last point I’ll preemptively add yes it’s good for their profits AT THE MOMENT but, if it stays the way it is, those profits will die by wayside very quickly.


Remove the boosts and mark it up as a huge miscalculation and mistake. They disappeared from the market in my game. I don’t want to go from Aviary to Mt Sibo.
Ludia should refund purchases and axe the idea.


Ludia I just have one thing to say about you letting us artificially boost our dinosaurs, and it is this!

“These creatures require our absence to survive, not our help. And if we could only step aside and trust in nature, life will find a way.”

I’ve cancelled my subscription untill Ludia changes this broken game


Would be the best decision imo

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