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New stat system...still sucks!

So I go straight into a battle after update…unaware of my stats being removed from every Dino…so as you expect…I lose…which isn’t weird on this game anyways. Then I learn that I’ve definitely not go back the same amount of stats I had before the reset…and now with this pathetic amount they’ve given me it’s now 100 per tier? So you can’t even make a decent even team anymore?! Now I’m on a massive losing streak as I distributed my stats evenly on my best team…only to find out all my opponents have just boosted out their big hitters…so still losing constantly to Thor, procerato and erliko!! I dunno I think this was the final straw for me as over the last year…this games issues…unfair matchmaking and basically pay to win and zero strategy has killed it for me. They have never truly figured out a good system for the battles. And let’s face it the only people that defend this awful game were Already at lvl20 with a full team of uniques because they paid out…while people like me and an awful lot more all grafted for ages to try build any kind of good team. And now i finally got a decent team and this stat system just SCREWED my right over. Yeah dunno if I’ll give this game much time anymore…and I stuck at it since it’s release


I am at Level 20… and i lose also the most fights… my opponents are quicker , have more Power and mutch more health…
But what i can’t believe… i lost against the ki…1:3…
It Used 4 dinos… and they were all overleveld… bevor Update i had no Problem with this…but now, i lost …the first time…

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Soon to respond will be the complainers that caused Ludia to do this saying how happy they are with the new system! I guarantee those people never paid a penny of real cash into the game and got outdone by those that bought every boost sale! I sincerely doubt anyone that paid real money for their boosts are happy!

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I am to the point now where if you aren’t ever going to be happy about the boost then just be quite, and if you need to quit, quit quietly.

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Why I’m not suprised to see same people complaining?

I’m F2P player with average team of dinos lvl 25.75 or 26. Put a lot of time in grinding DNA. Never stopped lvling up my team. Had team boosted on lvl 6 except Tryko, Dio (speed tier 3) and Maxima (speed unboosted).

Currently I use unboosted team and enjoy as boosted teams struggle or even lose against my team. I’m still at 5200 trophies as I was before update.

Don’t agree with they way Ludia changed boosts, cause its never good giving people a basket full of candies then taking it away telling them it was a mistake. Though this kind of change was needed that battles become more interesting and more tactical again.

But… Some already boosted their best dinos trough the roof. Don’t worry they will be crying and saying they will quit the game in a month when most players will have boosted dinos.