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New stats for new creatures

Does anyone know the stats for the new creatures? Like sonorasaurus?

All I know is that doedicurus has 4200 hp, 1100 attack, 111 speed, 50% armor and a 5% crit

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My dinodex has updated stats, abilities and spawn for all v2.1 creatures.


I don’t think camoflague would have a 2 turn cooldown

The description is based on patch note. I just unlock erem, let me quickly double check.

Yep, tested it in a battle, no cooldown. Dinodex is now fixed, thanks for reporting.

I wondered, because otherwise there would be a turn where it couldn’t do anything

Does anyone know about sonorasaurus’s stats?

I’ve seen eremotherium (which has a counter and no immunity do decel). However sonorasaurus illudes me. Anyone from gamepress like @Piere87 know?

The stats should actually be updated in the JWA Field Guide! We are working on getting them updated on the site but Matt already has it done in his app. It’s live for Android right now and In Review for iOS so hopefully soon! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Breadboy! All the v2.1 stats are now LIVE in the latest Field Guide release. Check out my post about it here: JWA Field Guide v2.7.0!

Thank you.