New status effects, Armor increase and decrease

I was trying to think for something original and got up with a new status effect. Wich increases or decreases armor. It will work like this, if you have 20% armor and you increase it with 10% it will go to 30%, and not 20% : 100% × 10% = 2% and add 2% armor.

These are the first creatures i got in mind for this. I dont know if this status effect is OP or not and that the creatures are OP cuase i cant test them in battle simulator. Give youre feedback if you like or do not like it please, and what could be changed.


Also increasing resistances too that would be cool

No. It would make battling much more complicated, in fact way more than it needs to be, and there’s no reason to change how armor in the game is already.


Ok then that’s just me an u got a point

That would be kinda too complicated and would just unbalance a certain group. However this is better than adding armor boosts


The last thing this game needs is new sources of RNG. That’s a terrible idea, xD


I really like this idea!

I don’t know about this idea… We already have shields, so feel like this is almost exactly like the shields.