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New Stegoceratops Gen2 after JW: Dominion?

Jurassic World: Dominion is likely to include more hybrid dinosaurs according to some new information. Ian Joyner worked as a concept artist on Jurassic World and helped design a creaturecalled the Stegoceratops. Now, this dino didn’t end up making the cut for the first film in the new trilogy or the sequel. But, there have been toys featuring the Stegosaurus and Triceratops hybrid. Surprisingly enough, the dinosaur also managed to sneak into some Jurassic Park tie-in games too. But, Joyner really got to show it off in one of his posts, and fans have to be excited at the prospect of such intense spectacle in the third film. Colin Trevorrow has previously said that the next one would be a return to basics of sorts, but these new images and the continued presence of the hybrids cast some doubt on that.

So we already have stegoceratops, but this one…is a little different (more like jw-tg except not blue at all) it is just black and dark yellow, hence maybe a new design in-game