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New Stegosaur

This post will be about Paranthodon. It was a stegosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous. It was small, at around 16 feet long, and up to a ton at most. It has the front of Kentrosaurus and the back of Tuojiangosaurs. I have some stats and moves.

Rarity: Epic

Superiority Strike
Group Decelerating Rampage
Lethal Wound

4000 Health
1300 Attack
117 Speed
0% Armor
10% Critical Chance

75% Deceleration Resistance
50% Bleed Resistance

Hope y’all enjoy it! Leave your thoughts down bellow.


I dunno about the stats and moveset… but we definitely need more stegosaurs.
I vote Yes :ballot_box:


The stego demigod


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There is No good reason it shud have bleed or bleed resistance

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Why shouldn’t it have bleed. I can see the bleed resistance being lowered or removed, but the stegos tail was a main staple of bleeding in real life when it came to defenses

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In real life I’m pretty sure spinosaurs, the main bleeder in this game, didn’t bleed out their prey and stalk them. So it doesn’t seem like this game is accurate in terms of the summary of dinosaur moves . And from a balancing standpoint this bleed defies the rock paper scissors mechanic, although it’s execution was flawed it should largely remain

How is the balance affect with a bleeding stego? It can cleanse distraction, slow, and bleed. Anything with high damage can kill it, but it gets killed in the process. If your immune to both, then it gets countered, which a lot of creatures can either cleanse bleed or are immune to it

A lot of its theropod carnivore counters would just end up trading 1 for 1 because of a bleed. Therefore by reducing the effectivity of counters it makes it unbalanced

Something intended to counter it should not die in the process. Like think you have an anklyosaur and velo - imagine the velo the dying and killing the anklyosaur in the process - that is very unbalanced

There are a lot of choppers immune to bleed or can cleanse it