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New stop.. Still out of circle

So with the update I got a new stop near my house… That puts 3 in my neighbors yard… He doesn’t play… why can’t just 1 of them be within my circle for full rewards?! :frowning: How do we get these moved down just a bit?!


They moved 3 of mine out of my reach. One used to be near the playground, they moved it a bit higher and I could still touch it from time to time. Well, they moved that one to clutter next to two other supply drops that are very close to each other and pretty far from my range. The other one that was south of my house was moved way out of reach too. And then there’s … this abomination:

That sucks! There should be a way for us to petition them to move them to be usable. I love in the country and I guarantee noone around me plays…