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New Story The fall of jwa 2021

The Fall of Jwa ( 2021 )

help… i am dying
cmon, lets help him
meanwhile the giant Dracostorm is getting closer
the eagle army
get that thing
emperor rixis: its time to revenge…
compy and dodo: may we join in?
spyx: iknow his weakspot
stygimoloch: STYG-1 is down! STYG- 1 is down! mayday,mayday
styg g2: aaaaaaa
eagle army and the erlikos
retreat!!! hes too strong
the dracostorm is going to destroy us all!
everyone to the fortress! to the fortress!
3 months later
spyx, suchotator, daryx, eagle army, thecompdodos, nuke, blue and forty civilians
are the only ones remaining

the dracostorm is leaving dinotopia and is heaidng towards the Lands of the rares and commons! we have to stop him!

The lands of rares and commons
look, whats that?
con: thats not good… i got a call from my friend spyx, its a monster heaidng here
nex: look! its the dinotopia heroes!
con yeah! comeon, lets fight that monster!
the storm’s weak spot is…
nex heaaaaah
fossil shatters*
that’s it you did it!
storm collapses*
yaaay! we saved the world!