New strike event!


New strike events are up! You’re fighting level 8 and 9 argentinosaurus, apatosaurus, and giraffatitan, and your rewards are what you fight basically. Exciting times for sauropod fans!


Glad they are low level Sauropods really grind it out.


Wow, you’re lucky.
I complete 5 battles, but didn’t got any Brachio DNA.
And got Armaga instead of Girrafa in rare class.:frowning_face:


I’m obsessed with Giraffatitan, but at least Armaga becomes a hybrid!


which are the best dinos to fight these sauropods?


I didn’t get any Brachiosaurus either but it was a bit more interesting challenge than the previous one.


Depends on your level and your team. I used my level 18 stegoceratops for all 5 battles and didn’t die once, so there’s that.


Nice epic dna find. I didn’t get epic from mine.


I didn’t lose any either but I did take damage which I didn’t really do first time round.


It depends what you choose to battle with, but also sauropod tend to have higher health than other dinos such as those used in the last strike event, i.e. they take a little longer to take out.


I used lvl 20 einia and killed them all :smiling_imp:


Me too. What level is yours? Mine has reached Lvl 12 and will hopefully soon be ready for my team :slight_smile:


Mine’s 10 at the minute. I have a spawn point about 200m from the house, although not seen it lately. I can’t wait to have it in my team, too!


I didn’t get any epic DNA :thinking: I used my Indominus Rex level 16 and didn’t lose any battles


Yeah, Indominus is the way to go (faster than them, heavy damage against Armored, Immunity).

And the Incubators do not guarantee Epic DNA indeed … got none myself, too.


I used a combination of my Utahraptor (Lv. 11), T-Rex (Lv. 11), Sarcorixis (Lv. 11), and Diplotator (Lv. 7). My DNA winnings were these:
. Giraffatitan
. Amargasaurus
. Stygimoloch
. Delta of the Raptor Pack (I was only two strands short of unlocking her, so I had a head start.)

. Dilophosaurus