Just had a strike tower pop at my work!

Battling it right now.

First one was a level 6 Velociraptor
Earned 100 coins

Second: Raptor level 6 and Deinocheirus level 6
181 coins
5 darts
95 Galimimus DNA
9 Ornitomimus DNA

Third: Raptor level 6 , Deinocheirus level 6, another level 6 raptor
453 coins
10 darts
236 Tany DNA
23 Charlie DNA

New strike event Race to Victory
“Cunning creatures”
Epic strike tower by my work!
Millions of strike events
Strike towers 14/8
Race to victory 3 battle strike

Wondering if the fact that I just battled 2 raptors in the same battle means they’ll allow duplicating dinos at arenas…



I got from those incubators Velociraptors and Charlies!


Is it only one strike tower (white) this time

Instead of the white and blue we had last week ??


Yep. Easy battles and you can make quick work of then with tanks. Felt like the AI mimicked my attacks though - when I went standard attack so did they, and when I went main attack, so did they. Not that it makes much difference. Pretty happy with my DNA haul, too, since I got 2 of my favorites which are also vital parts of my team. :smiley:


Another meh Strike. Well… I guess a small amount of extra coins is nice…


I love the strike events. But I wish you could play all of them that pop up. Not just the one event. And I wish they were shorter events so we could play them more often.

But loving the coins and incubators!!!


I don’t see strike events at all. Does anyone know what’s going on?


Nvm they just started popping up for me


just white strike or are there blue as well?


Just white for me now


Millions of strike events! Okay, slight exaggeration, but still. Stumbled across this nest of events on my commute home. Why so many???


Wow this just popped up see pic below.
image image image


Nice find! I’ll have to see about finding one as well…:slightly_smiling_face:


WOWWWW AMAZING!!! One losses, so hardly difficult!


One by me too, interesting, have these rewards always been scaled based on your level?


Yes, I believe that’s in the patch notes.


here it is at 14


anyone win it yet? What’s inside? What do you fight?


You fight against a level 26 Blue