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New strike tower is a joke


Quite simply, what’s the point… that’s all I’ve got to say


I was certainly … underwhelmed; free stuff is all well and good but I feel I could have done something more useful with 10 minutes of my life.


It is? How many fights? 3,5 or 7? Just curious…


1 for very underwhelming DNA; or at least it was in my case.


7 with 3 incubator reward


The one with just a single battle is “Power-Up!” and the incubator was useless; the one @Rolybert mentions is also “Power-Up!” but gave 3 fairly good incubators.


No… 1 with 26 rare dna


Oooo ok, i liked the 7 step one, had some great dna that was needed… .finally levelled up my BaryOnyx


Here’s the point:

It can take out some green supply that last 2 day strike tower didn’t replaced.
And let you become more difficult to collect Dilophosaurus DNA you need in 24 hrs.


I don’t see why the strike towers can’t disappear the moment you have completed them - the treasure chests do - I got one this morning and the event supply point complete with dinosaur popped into existence immediately.


Great point… now 2 strike towers… 1 of which is complete crap taking up green drops… and even when you complete the strike towers they are still there…

It’s ludia doing everything they can to give with one hand and take with the other…
So you’re forced into buying their incubators if you really want those specific dinos


It would be great if the strike towers simply didn’t interfere with the status of the drop. Strike tower appeared on a green drop? The drop stays green. Not sure why that’s difficult.


Now I see the one Carl is talking about! Good for 20 more hours


I considered that before, and noticed…no, at least not able to do in ver.1.3.

If you ever see a dino spawn under strike tower, you’ll know that will bee extremely hard to tap and dart it.
Mostly, you’ll endlessly open strike event. Only if those dinos are large enough like Apato or Tarbo, you could able to touch it.
They need to let dinos prior than strike tower item before make a green strike point, or simply let strike tower disappear after you complete.


I enjoy the strike towers. They are pretty much easy and free dna and coins. If they disappeared after you completed it then that would be a good thing to implement, but just because it takes up green supply drops, i mean boohoo.


They put one on the green event drop that I could reach from my house :roll_eyes:


I don’t ever expect much from silver strike events. They’re just a nice little bonus, a no risk battle with a little reward. So far i haven’t had any strike event be a challenge for me. Even the blue and gold, I only count a “personal lose” when I can’t make it through the whole battle using only one dino. :smile:


Really wish they’d make them worth while. Even the 7 fight rare one is incredibly boring. Should be based on level like the incubators I think.


You should consider yourself lucky to have a drop accessible from your house, some of us have nothing from inside our houses. :weary:


It gave me a small amount of Irritator DNA which is always appreciated. There’s no range on them so you can start them as you’re walking past and don’t even need to stop.