New strike tower mechanics?

So when the posted the calendar yesterday we didn’t know what the spots with 2 rewards were.
Now it seems like the first one is only available for the first 12 hours then the second is the final 12 hours of the day.

This seems incredibly annoying.

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wait? what?
two different rewards for the towers now?

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So now we get the 2nd set of towers on the calendar that pops up at 9pm here and goes to 9am. I don’t expect I will get to do them all. Well, I can for a while.

Since I’m working from home and don’t have the commute time, I use part of the time to go for an early 6am walk before I go to work in my basement office. I can get any towers I can’t reach the night before like the scent one is out of range.

It might be annoying but technically we are just getting extra strikes, so even if you only do one of the 2 you aren’t missing out compared to before

would’ve been nice if ludia actually told us this was happening. Glad i know now. I can make sure i get both the rare and the epic strike tomorrow.

But you are. Tomorrow the 1st is a rare incubator and the second is a epic. Very different rewards.

But we also got an extra epic tower. So unless you are comparing yourself to the rest of the playerbase, you technically aren’t losing anything compared to before, still getting 2 epic towers even if you miss this one

was wondering why it ended in 12 hours when they appeared… day/night strikes it seems…

This threw me off today. I had just finished the rare tower from home and then I suddenly noticed the new towers. I had to reboot my game and that’s when I noticed the new towers now in range from home. I remember seeing this on the schedule and thought it looked odd.

In normal circumstances I wouldn’t mind the increased number of towers, but going out is a challenge at best now a days. I try to work the towers around one round trip of errands. I hope that the increased range gets added really soon.

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Would be really nice if these towers would actually be balanced not that 60% of all towers is one, 30% is other while trial and third tower gets 5% each in appearances.